Olympia Ceramica Sanitaryware

Olympia Ceramica offers modular concepts, mixing ceramic elements and furniture, to design refined, classical and contemporary bathrooms with style and personality.
The complete and ergonomic solutions of Olympia Ceramica propose a charming aesthetic, without forgetting the functionality and saving cost, giving the same prestige to the product shape and as to its meaning.

Olympia Ceramica has always been aware of the environment and for this reason it created "Water is life project", becoming an example in the market and emphasizing how the sanitaryware can help the environment friendly and clever water consumation without losing the high aesthetic and technical quality.

Well-being, attitude and performance: Olympia Ceramica presents the best of Italian design linked to the water, through the creativity and handcrafted work.

I SALONI 2016Salone del mobile Milano - 12/17.04
Pavillon 22 - Stand H39

I SALONI 2016 - Milano

Miaw 2015My.BAG miaw WINNER


METAMORFOSIThe new range of Olympia counter top basins.


MY.BAGThe concept that winks at vanity.


BEAUTYInnovation and uniqueness for those who wish to turn their bathroom into an exclusive setting, with a sophisticated and original design.


UKIYO-E NomineeGerman Design Award 2014

German Design Award 2014

OLYPOLISH GLAZEOlypolish glaze: ultra-shiny, ultra-resistant and bacteria-proof. it creates perfectly smooth and flat surfaces and features total bacteria-proof barrier.

Olypolish Glaze

Qbic Hotel, London City & UKIYO-EOlympia Ceramica confirms its dynamic spirit in the furnishings for the exclusive Qbic Hotel London City.

Qbic Hotel London

The European Water LabelA new, unequivocal demonstration of the uniqueness of the Olympia brand, which is capable of combining styling, innovation and eco-sustainability to perfection: the prestigious certification "The Europen Water Label".

The Europen Water Label